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Great Decking Designs

It is most important to consider all the elements of decking design before you commit to any particular style of deck for your home and garden. This is because once the decking is finished, it can be too costly and inconvenient to change the Andrew M. Hunt - the Decking Mandesign, because you have now found something new you wish to include.

Hi, I'm Andrew Hunt the Decking Man, and in the past fifteen years I've designed many thousands of decking projects. I have personally built hundreds of decks in that time, of every type and style imaginable.

I have also been called into many homes where they have designed and built their own decking, or had a deck made by a local decking builder. The owners ask me to try and correct major design defects that only became apparent AFTER the deck was built!

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Let me Design a Great Deck for Your Garden!

For more than a decade, Topdeck UK has been designing and creating garden decks of all types and size; from small patio decks to sumptious multi-level decks wrapped around a large home . You can now have one of the best decks in your neighbourhood for far less outlay than you think, without having to resort to cheap, unskilled labour.

Wrap a Deck around your Poll with steps to your lawns...

The decking you see in this photograph was designed to wrap around the home, a new glass-conservatory extension, and the swimming pool. It also had to provide easy access to all areas, including the lawns and gardens.

I designed a deck as large as possible for the garden in order to provide a family entertainment area between the house and the swimming pool. Because the pool is raised above ground, I built a timber decking walkway around the pool and created an attractive wooden safety rail, which was securely held by strong posts that are concreted into the ground.

You may note the rail completelywraps around the pool with an attractive gate access. This is a safety feature to prevent small children and non-swimmers from getting to the swimming pool.

Safety features are a necessity in almost all decking designs.


The attractive wide steps are angled to provide better access to the lawns; you can see the nose or overhang to each step and the upright riser or fascia boards that match the fascia panels around the edge of the swimming pool. The overall effect is to increase the ambience of the home, garden, and decking features.

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It is a good idea to build your deck in the early part of the year, and you have more time to develop your garden features around it in time for the summer holidays and better weather! With this in mind, click here now for your free deck design.


Have a Multi-Purpose Summerhouse

A multi-purpose Summerhouse for your decking will provide you with additional living space for a very low cost and in the present economic climate it is an excellent, cost effective alternative to building an extension on your home.

A multi-purpose Summerhouse for 2009It can be a play room for the children, which is great when the weather is cold and wet, and you know where they are at all times. In the warmer weather, the summerhouse becomes a den and central focus for children.

The summerhouse can be your office and with full insulation your summerhouse will become a warm haven providing a great place to work all year round in peace and quiet; away from the distractions in the main house! Many of my customers are using their new summerhouse for this purpose. 

Your summerhouse can become an intimate dining room or additional lounging area. Away from the house this new addition to your home can become a special place for you and your partner to be used when a bit of uninterrupted time is needed.

How to bring the outdoors, indoors: You install your hot-tub in your summerhouse. This will give you warmth, privacy and comfort all year round. Create a seating area beside your new hot-tub so you can bathe and relax at your leisure without feeling that you have to go back into the house.



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Integrate with your Decking

I will construct the summerhouse of your choice, to the manufacturer’s specifications and then design a deck to complement the decking and your garden. It is important for the building to fit in with the important existing features of your home.

It will increase the living space of your home and make for a better approach to your selected room. You can alos have a decking path from your house to the summerhouse. Better still, you can fit a pergola over the patch, complete with hanging baskets!

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Enjoy a Garden Gazebo

Gazebo at Hampton Court Royal ShowYou can also increase your garden living space with an attractive Gazebo, which can be used in most weather conditions all the year. This photograph is of a thatched-roof Gazebo that I designed and built for an exhibit at the Hampton Court Royal Show.

A Gazebo creates an enchanting area, shaded from the hot sun, for you to entertain your guests, enjoy a meal in your garden surroundings, or a cool place to relax at the end of a long working day followed by a rough commute home.

Once again, it is a great idea to combine the building of your Gazebo with the construction of your decking. It can vastly reduce the cost, enable the creation of a more interesting design, and you have much less upheaval. I can also design and build a much stronger and safer project with better supports and foundation, which make for a long lasting garden deck.

Click here for more information and photos on Gazebos.


Multi-Purpose Decking

A multi-purpose deck!

The owners of this suburban house wanted a deck that could serve many different purposes, but mostly they wanted a place to relax at the end of the day.

I designed a deck that filled the complete width of their garden and was deep enough to put decking furniture. You can see the wooden table and chairs, but right beside it is the hammock slung between two sturdy posts. This is the ideal place to relax at the end of the day.

Because it is not possible to rely upon the weather, a space heater is used more often than they would like, but it does prolong their outside pleasure.

I was also pleased with the design and construction of this deck, and my pleasure more than doubled one day when I was told to read a popular magazine where the deck was featured on a 2-page spread! You can see a photo from the magazine below, where the family have prepared their home and deck for a Christmas party.


A Deck for all Seasons!

This photograph appeared in the Christmas edition of the "Perfect Home" magazine, and needless to say I have a copy or two at home!

The photograph below is of another customer who enjoys the peace and tranquility of her garden with long periods of quiet meditation when she returns home from work.

Her decking also featured in a popular woman's magazine, and the photograph is a copy from that issue.



A Personal Design just for You!A deck is ideal for Yoga

I cannot promise that your new deck will be featured in a magazine, but if you let me design and build it I can assure you that it will be one of the best in the area with features that your neighbours will admire for years.

A feature I build into most of my decks is one of portability, because you never know what the future holds. I built a very large deck for one customer and two-years later he decided to enlarge his house and asked for the deck to be placed in another part of the garden.

The customer thought this was going to be a large and lengthy operation, costing a great deal of money, but once the new foundations were built it took less than a day to unscrew the decking timbers and re-build the whole deck in another part of his garden.

However, if the deck is poorly designed and constructed, you will find it hard even to replace a decking board, never mind the whole deck! If you would like the perfect deck for you garden, just tell me what you want.

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You can download a free, complimentary copy of the TopDeck UK decking eBook, which is packed with vital information for designing a deck and includes stunning decking photos and wonderful decking ideas for all types of garden, small or large, and in every type of situation.

This full-colour eBook is packed with photographs, tips, and detailed information you will find invaluable for designing your garden deck. You will discover some of the design “trade secrets” gathered over years of designing thousands of decks.

This eBook contains detailed information on decking design features that are important for most home owners planning a decking project. It will make the job of designing your deck so much easier. Furthermore, when it comes to ordering a deck from a builder, or tackling your own decking project, the knowledge gained from this eBook can save you a lot of money!

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Includes Building Secrets

If your garden, patio, and yard has problems, there's now a cost-effective solution just for you! You can benefit from the numerous deck building secrets patiently learned from building hundreds of garden decking projects and commercial decks.

You don't have to suffer anymore from weed-filled cracked patios, bumpy sloping gardens, and lawns that are muddy in winter and bare in summer. If you are fed up with looking at your garden, and having the kids coming in all muddy or with skinned knees, specialist-designed timber decking can help you – immediately and permanently!

It can help solve your garden problems with an outstanding decking design to wrap around and enhance the existing features of your house and garden. Complete this form now!




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