How to Build Curved Decking & Round Decks


How to Build Curved Decking and Round Decks


Solve Your Decking Building Problems

There are specific methods and trade secrets to designing and building curved decking and round decks, but they're now available for you. This new eBook contains full instructions on how to build them and contains many coloured photographs and diagrams.

When you build a round deck, you have to consider the pattern of the decking boards, or the deck will not look good. In this new manual from Andrew M. Hunt, there are detailed patterns for 6 round decks, showing you just how to lay the boards.

Also, the supporting timbers are different for each pattern, and this eBook shows you exactly how to build the supports that hold the decking boards. You decking project will be a real winner with this great decking manual.

It is relatively easy to draw a circle representing a round deck on your drawing board, but it is another matter altogether when it comes to preparing the ground, putting down the supports, buildings joists and beams, and then laying the decking boards. The outer rim can be another problem, but this manual shows you how to overcome it.

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How To Build Round Decking

Round garden decking When you curve decking boards along the edge of a round deck to create a 'rim joist', as in the photo on the left, you have to do it just right. If not, the boards may spring loose and open out, which can cause a serious accident.

There are a number of different patterns you can lay the decking boards on a round deck, but please take note that the layout of the beams and joists supporting the deck can differ for each design.

Includes 6 Round Deck Designs

Inside this manual, you will find the 6 most popular round decking board patterns, together with the supporting timber layout design. Like most things, the important parts are the ones you can't see, and in decking it is the supports beneath the decking boards



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