The Complete Decking Builder's Manual


The Complete Decking Builder's Manual


How to Solve Your Garden & Decking Problems

Are you tired of struggling with your lawn and garden? Do you want to increase your home entertainment area? There is now a cost-effective solution just for you.

The Complete Decking Builder's Manual has been developed to illustrate with photos, drawings, and diagrams exactly how to design and build effective garden decking. This eBook is perfect for the DIY person wishing to build a garden deck, and is also and excellent reference manual for the pro decking builder.

Within this informative in-depth manual, there are hundreds of tips from decking builders throughout the United Kingdom, from simple plans to sophisticated decks. This Manual contains 94 full colour photographs and 72 different illustrations and drawings!

The decking photographs, tips, trade secrets, and information in “The Complete Decking Builder’s Manual” have come from decking builders with years of experience in this industry.

With this great manual from Andrew M. Hunt, you will have no problems in creating just the right decking project for your home and garden.

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This is What You Get...

Great decking designs in this manual...You get more with “The Complete Decking Builder’s Manual”:

TDA 5MB eBook manual of deck building info, photos, tips and ideas!

TDTrade secrets and expert knowledge from pro decking builders!

TDYou also get good advice on decking timber.

TDThere are links to quality timber at good prices.

TDYou can save thousands of pounds in builder and designer fees.

TDYou can drastically reduce the cost of your decking project!

...and there is much more!



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Publication Details

Title: The Complete Decking Builder’s Manual
Author: Andrew M. Hunt
ISBN-13: 978-1-907014-01-7
Publisher: Power Business Publishing
Edition: First Edition eBook








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100% Money Back Guarantee!“The Complete Decking Builder's Manual” eBook is newly published in the UK by Power Business Publishing. Order now using Google, Paypal, or your Credit Card on a Secure Website and you will get a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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