Why you should read "Garden Decking Photos, Plans, & Ideas" Before you Design and Create a Decking Project for your Home!


Garden Decking Photos, Ideas, and Plans


Solve Your Decking & Garden Problems

Are you tired of struggling with your lawn and garden? Do you want to increase your home entertainment area? There is now a cost-effective solution just for you.

This new “Garden Decking Photos, Plans, & Ideas” manual is published to show you how to design new decking and completely transform your garden. This will effectively add many extra square metres to your living area the year round, substantially add to the value of your home, provide a play area for adults and children alike, and help solve problem lawns that struggle in winter and summer.

This book is a blueprint for designing your garden deck and within this informative in-depth manual you will find hundreds of tips from dozens of decking builders throughout the United Kingdom, from simple plans to sophisticated projects.

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How to Design the Perfect Garden Deck!

The author wrote this Decking Design manual to illustrate exactly how to design new decking and completely transform your garden by taking you through the design and build process of some 50 decking projects.

You can examine each garden before the deck is built and see what problems are overcome and how the designer creates the best decking for the house and garden. You also see the transformation when the decking is completed and the huge amount of extra living space that is created. You can find hundreds of exciting decking design ideas in this volume from the Decking Library.

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This Design Manual contains 144 Colour Photos of Decking Projects!

You are taken through every stage of planning, designing, and building your own garden decking from start to finish. The eBook has beautiful colour photos of gardens 'in the rough' and later with completed decks, which can give you plenty of ideas for your garden.

This is best one to read first, because it can fill your mind with exciting decking features you may want to include in your own decking project. You will be amazed at how difficult gardens were completely transformed into virtual show-houses.


An Amazing Birthday Gift!

You will also see a home with a steep sloping garden and nowhere to entertain. The husband sent his wife shopping for the day — not a difficult task — and he called in Andrew, the Decking Man and his team. When the customer's wife returned home for her birthday dinner, there was a completely finished 'hanging' deck suspended over the slope with massive extra entertaining space.

Needless to say, there was a great party for all, that night!


Before and After

In “Garden Decking Photos, Plans, & Ideas”, there are photos on all types of decking illustrated in a completely unique manner. You see large images of the original garden with all its problems and discover exactly how an expert decking designer overcame them in an amazing series of "Before & After" photographs.:

 Narrow gardens and concrete paths with drains; see how to design the best decking

 Old Patios, cracked, worn and prone to puddles hidden for ever beneath a full-width, multi-level deck

 Steep, rocky slopes converted with a beautiful hanging deck

 Lush lawns with surrounding trees and hedges: Discover how to design the perfect decking retreat

 See exactly how to design all types of garden, pool, and hot-tub decking

...and much more!


Decking with Pergola and FlowersWhat's included in this Manual

You get more with Garden Decking Photos, Plans, & Ideas:

 A massive 10MB eBook of deck building ideas with photos and design tips!

 Trade secrets and expert knowledge from professional decking builders!

 You can save thousands of pounds in builders and designer fees.

 You can drastically reduce the cost of your Garden Decking!

...and there is much more!



How Much Does it Cost?

"Garden Decking" - a new eBook from Decking Builders!

When you decide to hire a decking builder and designer, you have to pay for all their labour, travel, and other services. Their design fees can range from £125 to £250 and much more. You can save all these fees and more for just £4.95 when you order today.

Discover the important trade secrets of decking design and you can make sure your decking is absolutely the best possible design for your house and garden.

“Garden Decking Photos, Plans, & Ideas” shows you how to design decks of different size and style, and you can ensure you include all the best elements for your home.

The published price of “Garden Decking Photos, Plans, & Ideasl ” is £19.95 but you can download the new eBook now for a 75% discount. This offer may end soon, so order your copy today.

Save £15.00 now, and pay only £4.95 for everything!


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Take a look at what you get:

   A large 10MB eBook of deck building guidelines together with hundreds of color photos, tips, and ideas.

   FREE upgrades, when new editions are published.

   Discover how to get best prices for timber and other products.

   Use the Trade Secrets and know-how of dozens of professional deck builders to guide and help.

   A huge 75% discount worth £15.00 — you pay only £4.95

   Money back guarantee!



SALE PRICE Only £4.95 You Save £15.00


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Your 100% Money Back Guarantee!

100% Money Back Guarantee!“Garden Decking Photos, Plans, & Ideas” eBook is newly published in the UK by Power Business Publishing. Order now using Google, Paypal, or your Credit Card on a Secure Website and you will get a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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Lisa & Martin Saved Thousands!

A Customer's Deck

Take a look at the decking built by Lisa and Martin after reading this eBook—and read what they have to say in their letter to us...


We have built our deck and your e-book certainly did give us some great ideas and a lot of help in construction. We found the photographs impressive and useful.

Our decking consumed 170 sq metres of decking boards...our deck extends from the side of our cottage, by the conservatory, to the entire back of the cottage.

There are some photographs of our new decking attached.

Kind regards,

Lisa & Martin [Nottingham]


The Infinite Pleasures Of Your Garden Deck!

Your new decking is not just the space between your house and the garden, it can be a vast outdoor room or even a series of rooms that can be used for a multitude of functions. There are many more benefits you will enjoy for years to come—here are three dozen of them:

  1. With your new deck, you can enjoy sunny family breakfasts on warm summer mornings.
  2. You will substantially increase your outdoor living areas, with one deck or a number of decks at different levels.
  3. The eBook lists all the details, from selecting the best wood to clearing up and preparing your deck for the family to use immediately!
  4. A garden deck is a great place to entertain family or guests on a summer evening.
  5. You can use good decking for most of the year.
  6. You can create a personal deck design to suit your home and family, and of course, within your budget!
  7. You will have the trade secrets and expert knowledge of professional decking builders to show you exactly how to build your deck.
  8. Your deck will improve your home and its market value: Whether it is a pool deck, garden deck, patio deck, raised decks, multi-level decking, and much more.
  9. You learn exactly what is required to prepare the ground, build the deck, and clear away all the rubbish.
  10. Your deck will be designed to wrap around and enhance your existing house and garden features.
  11. Your deck can provide a safe playground for young children, even on showery days.
  12. No more wet grass and mud traipsing through your home.
  13. With well-designed garden decking, you can enjoy pleasant lunches with your close friends, when you can enjoy a nice chat, admire your garden surroundings, and drink a refreshing glass of wine.
  14. You can take the portable TV and a couple of loungers onto your new deck, and watch the weekend sport with your mates. And perhaps down a few beers — it beats cutting the grass and weeding the garden!
  15. Your garden deck is the perfect gathering place for those special family occasions, like Weddings, Christenings and New Babies, Engagements, Birthdays, Promotions and Prizes, and of course — the last day of the school holidays!
  16. There are many special offers and seasonal discounts on timber from local suppliers, and you get valuable information about this subject, but your greatest saving comes from being able complete the whole job gy yourself, and to your own satisfaction.
  17. Your complete family can enjoy the deck.
  18. Where better to spend the final hours of a long summer day, having a candlelight drink with the one you love on beautiful garden decking!
  19. When you read this great book, you'll find that you save considerable sums of money in many different ways.
  20. Every home has a different garden and requires a custom deck that we design and build to suit the family, the house, and the various garden features.
  21. You learn how to consider the main function of the new deck; you want a deck that exactly fulfils your requirements, and the photos and drawings in this fascinating book will provide the information you need.
  22. Many homes have an ugly and dangerous step from the house down to the garden, but you can see how to build your deck at a similar level to the floor of your home. This will create a better design and provide greater safety.
  23. You can quickly replace or cover your old, cracked and broken weed covered patio with a gleaming new hardwood deck that can last a lifetime.
  24. You can increase the usable areas of your garden, and often utilise areas that are currently not usable, with a well-designed deck.
  25. If your lawns curve and twist, perhaps with brick edging, you can design a two-level deck with curves that reflect the shape of your lawns and flower beds.
  26. The maintenance of garden decking is a great deal less than your old patio and lawns.
  27. A small garden that is busy with old shrubs and tired flowerbeds is transformed with an expansive deck, which can make the garden look twice the size!
  28. A sloping garden is soon made level, with a new garden deck.
  29. Your deck can include rails, steps, grooved boards, multi-decks at different levels, and much more to improve both the appearance and safety of your garden.
  30. Your decking can have galvanized screws to fasten your deck to the sub-frame below. This will increase ease of maintenance and reduce splits in the decking, which you get when nails are used on decking boards.
  31. Your deck is built on solid foundations that provide a strong support to the decking boards, and will increase the life of your deck.
  32. The book shows you exactly how to examine the ground where you want your deck and select the best method of building within your budget and time-frame.
  33. The decking design must ensure a good flow of air beneath your deck to reduce dampness, which can rot timber very quickly.
  34. Most decking timber has a long-life guarantee and you can select the best decking boards for your home.
  35. There is a wide range of excellent timber to select from: Redwood, Pine, Yellow Balau, Red Balau, Ironwood, Iroko, Ipe, Tatatuba, and much more.
  36. You will not only have the final satisfaction of owning a great garden deck that is the envy of your neighbours, but the double satisfaction of knowing that you built it and you saved yourself thousands!

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