The Advanced Decking Steps & Stairs Manual


The Advanced Decking Steps and Stairs Manual


Solve Your Decking Steps and Stairs Problems

When you are having difficulty in wondering how to create a safe stairway or steps for your decking project, there is a cost-effective solution waiting just for you.

This informative manual from Power Business Publishing was written by Andrew M. Hunt and includes many photos and detailed diagrams of decking steps. It illustrates the popular ways of designing and building steps and stairs, using either box steps, or stringer steps, and explains each system in full.

"The Advanced Decking Steps & Stairs Manual” helps you to design and build your own steps and stairs for decks of all heights. This new publication shows you exactly how to include steps and stairs into your design, how to ensure they are completely safe, and how they improve the appearance and function of your garden decking.

This eBook is a blueprint for building steps and stairs on your deck. Within this informative, in-depth manual, you will find all the information you need to design simple steps or complicated stairs, with easy to follow plans and instructions.




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