To Create a Beautiful Deck, You Must Start With The Right Design — One That Suits Your Garden!


Why You Need a Good Design

The best design is one that integrates with the main features of your home and garden, whether it is a small lawn or a large landscaped garden. Every home provides different opportunities for creating an imaginative design for an attractive and useful deck.

Andrew specialises in creating innovative designs for garden decks, balcony designs, hardwood decking, pergolas, and patio decking.

If you're looking to improve the value of your home, and make your decking an investment to last decades, you need to start with a creative design. Complete the form below, and you can start the process of designing the best deck for your home. T

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Hiding an Old Patio

Like many homes, the Price family had an old paved patio with cracks and weeds that spoilt their lovely house and garden. Topdeck UK free design service provided a rapid, easy and cost-effective answer.

Patio before deck designDeck design covers old patio Mr and Mrs Price had a garden that was well-established, with shrubs and flower beds. But the patio was worn out, and was very dangerous with slabs at different levels. It was also very wet and greasy to walk on for much of the year.

In creating the decking design for the Prices, Topdeck UK decided on a split-level deck, with the decking boards laid at different angles. This made it more attractive and safer to move from one level to another.

In addition. the lower deck was raised to underneath the sill of the French window and to the floor level of the house, making it easier to move in and out of the home onto the deck. Note the high step down to the old patio.

Finally, instead of straight edges everywhere, Topdeck UK created a design with curved decking.


More Living Space Required

Unkempt garden before TopDeck UK designWide, spacious deck The Walker's garden is compact and the patio is very old and worn. More living space is needed! The lawns slope away from the house, so the deck design will require some steps and perhaps some rails to prevent accidents.

Topdeck drew up a couple of decking designs, and Mr and Mrs Walker soon decided on the one they wanted for their home.

Once again, the decking is raised to a similar level to the interior flooring, which provides easy and safe access to the deck. The posts and ropes in place of a traditional balustrade allows better views of the lawns and garden.


A Good Design is a Good Start!

You can now examine more decks designed for TopDeck UK Customers. Click on the Customer decking photos on the right, and view larger images illustrating the different decking styles you can have in your garden.

You can also read some notes with each photograph, explaining some of the garden problems and how the decking design overcame them with a wide variety of solutions.

When you have well-designed decking in your garden, you can increase the effective living area of your home for the benefit of the whole family. On the right you can see many designs and photographs of garden decks that provide masses of extra space for the whole family to enjoy.

Your garden deck can be the perfect gathering place for those special family occasions, like Weddings, Christenings and New Babies, Engagements, Birthdays, Promotions and Prizes, and of course — the last day of the school holidays!

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Free TopDeck UK Decking eBook

An Introduction to Decking


You will receive a copy of the TopDeck UK decking eBook, which is packed with vital information for designing a deck and includes stunning decking photos and wonderful decking ideas for all types of garden, small or large, and in every type of situation.

The brochure also includes information on the best types of timber for decks, including decking boards, posts, joists, beams, and ballustrades. You will find invaluable information on how to read a decking quote from a builder, so you know exactly the standard of deck you'll be getting, and much more!

It can help solve your garden problems with an outstanding decking design to wrap around and enhance the existing features of your house and garden.

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Deck Building Secrets

If your garden, patio, and yard gives you problems, there's now a cost-effective solution just for you! You can benefit from the numerous deck building secrets patiently learned from building hundreds of garden decking projects and commercial decks.

You don't have to suffer anymore from weed-filled cracked patios, bumpy sloping gardens, and lawns that are muddy in winter and bare in summer. If you are fed up with looking at your garden, and having the kids coming in all muddy or with skinned knees, specialist-designed timber decking can help you – immediately and permanently!


Building Your Deck

When requested by a customer, I can also quote the costs for supplying and building your new deck. In the last 12 years, I have designed and built decking of every type, description, and size at prices ranging from less than £1,000 to £15,000 and more to suit different gardens and homes. I can complete all types of deck construction, quickly and I leave no mess!

When I take on a garden decking project, my objective is to build an attractive deck that vastly increases your living area, improves the appearance and safety of your garden, and increases the value of your property!

I supply the best decking materials, and deck railings for higher decks and multi-level decking, at reasonable prices. Whether you're looking for a decking designer in England (I cover all areas), you will find that TopDeck UK is your best choice.

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