The First Deck Building Secret You Need to Know is How to Design a Great Garden Deck!

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How to Create a Masterpiece

We all understand that a masterpiece in the arts world, whether it is a painting, music, writing, or sculpture, can take a long time in the planning and production. Well, a really great garden deck Design a Deckdoes not just happen, it has to be thoroughly thought out!

In this section of our Garden Decking Website, you will learn exactly how to set about designing your own “perfect” garden decking.

The information is all provided by garden decking design and building experts, who have built thousands of decks during the past decade; they know all the secrets to great decking design and many of them are included on these pages.


Take A Walk In Your Garden!

The first deck designing secret is to take a walk around your garden and assess a number of things while recording your basic requirements for a garden deck. Good deck designers will also be mentally running a slideshow of many hundreds of different decks and decking features through their mind, all the while selecting those that will look good in the garden.

You need to examine carefully all the garden decking photographs on this Website; especially look through the Decking Gallery. Your garden deck must be designed and built to last a considerable time, at least 20 - 25 years, and you don't want something that's nice and cheap but has to be replaced in a couple of years! It is easy to build over an old, cracked patio, but perhaps it is better to remove all the pavings and use them to build an attractive rockery adjacent to your new decking.




Design Points to Consider

The following will give you an idea of points to be considered:

Well, that small selection will give you an idea of the thought processes that our garden decking designer will use when planning your decking requirements. You need to do it well before starting on creating a suitable deck design.

Make Some Rough Sketches

Poor DesignGood DesignThe next step is to create some rough sketches of sample decks, and this is where the inexperienced designer often makes a mistake.

The sketch on the right shows a deck that is all straight lines and rectangular, and a similar shape to the house. Furthermore, part of the decking is very close to the tree and will get many greasy wet leaves on the boards. The steps down to the lawns are in the centre of the deck; this is traditional but not very inspiring, there are much better ideas.

The left-hand sketch illustrates the design of a split level garden deck, with full width steps on the lower deck. The top deck is only one step higher, which presents no design and safety issues, and it is curved to create interest and avoids the tree. The plan to the left will also provide a much larger space for entertainment; perhaps one deck for adults and one for the kiddies! These are just a few of the deck concepts and ideas that you must take into consideration when designing your garden decking.


Garden Deck Features

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There are many interesting decking features, which the modern decking designer can include in your new decking that will considerably improve its appearance. A few of the extra items, which can be considered and included in the design of your garden decking are obvious, but many are unusual and you can read them below:

These are just a few of the features and thoughts a designer will consider when drawing the final designs and plans for garden decking. It is always better to make provision for them at the design stage, even if you don't add them to the original deck for a year or two. Otherwise, you are left with extensive re-modelling.


Create a Scale Plan

IMSI Decking SoftwareHomes & Gardens Decking SoftwareOnce all the previous design features have been considered, approved, or decided upon, you can then draw the scale designs and plans. These will be accurate scale plans of the deck and surrounding areas of the house and garden. Where necessary, as in high decks and multi-level decking, the designer will often create perspective views of the decks from different angles.

These are of great benefit when you start to build your decking. There is computer software that you can use to create these plans and even provide you with a materials list. Click on the images in this section for more details.

Once you approve a deck plan or design, you must then prepare a list of materials and tools that are needed for building the deck, together with complete building details.

If all this is too much for you, please ask for a detailed personal design and quote for you garden: Click here for details...



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