Decking for a Hot-Tub and Spa, Swimming Pool, Riverside, or Fish Pond!

Decks and Water are a Good Combination


Water Features and Decks

When your garden has attractive features like a swimming pool, pond, stream, or is by the river you must ensure your decking is designed to take advantage of the surroundings.

Hot-Tub Decking Feature

Include a Hot-Tub Spa into your deck design, and you increase the pleasure you will get from your new decking ten-fold. This raised deck is easily accessible from the house through the sliding patio-doors, and it makes an excellent foundation for a Hot Tub.

The fixed seating provides safety and comfort for the family and friends while enjoying the pleasure of the Hot-Tub Spa. A hidden panel in the attractive fascia panel of the decking will provide easy and quick access to the underside of the water feature for regular maintenance.

Don't forget to provide this access!


Decking around a Swimming Pool


Deck Around Your Swimming Pool

When you have a large garden with a swimming pool, it is best to provide access from every side and a timber deck is the perfect surface. It is easy to maintain, and safe in all weather conditions; concrete slabs can get too hot and grass is slippery when wet.

In this photograph, you can see the designer included a wide and spacious deck on the sunnyside of the swimming pool for relaxing and entertaining friends and visitors. The decking boards have been carefully cut and mitred at the corners to create a more attractive appearance.




Decking for a Carp Pond


Decking for a Carp Pond

The hobby for this family living in a London Townhouse with a small rear garden, was breeding carp, which can become very costly. The decking was built around all sides of the fishpond to provide ready access and excellent views of this very attractive species of fish.

The safety rails are constructed from stainless steel posts and wire; this enhances the appearance and does not block the view of the pond from within the house.

You may note the lighing, which has been set into the decking surface to provide evening illumination for parties and entertaining. With careful design, you can double the pleasure of your deck.


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Riverside Decking


Riverside Decking

This home is built alongside the River Thames where it is almost mandatory to have an attractive deck to provide easy access to the river, and of course, mooring for a boat!

It is also an excellent place to entertain, have parties, or just sit and relax as the world floats quietly past.

Notice the attractive pattern with the decking boards, which have been laid at angles in sections with a divider board. There is also an edging board around the complete deck to finish it off, provide an overhang, and increase the appearance.

You can see more examples of decking with water features in our Gallery.


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