10 Good Reasons For a Studio or Summerhouse!

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An English Tradition

Get this FREE report todayThe English summerhouse has a long and rich history over hundreds of years. Famous writers enjoy the quiet serenity of a garden to create their best works. George Bernard Shaw did much of his writing in his, whilst summerhouses often featured in the works of Walter Scott, Henry James and Charles Dickens.

The Mandaris of ancient China would retreat to their summerhouses to rejuvenate their minds and body while seeking inspiration and wisdom from the natural surroundings of the garden. The garden pavikion was the Japanese favoured place to celebrate their tea ceremony, or perhaps the occasional period of meditation.

Today, summerhouses remain very much part of English tradition. It can become a haven to read, write, dine; even a studio, or home office. It may merely be a retreat to enjoy a long drink as the warm evening sun glows over your garden. But whether it becomes a place for work, play, or relaxation, the well-designed summerhouse can provide you with a lifetime of pleasure while it is a fantastic enhancement to your garden.


10 Benefits you will Enjoy

There are of course many more than 10 benefits to having a summerhouse in your garden, but we list a few of them here simply to give you some ideas and get you thinking. The one feature that you must consider including is to incorporate the summerhouse into the design of your garden decking, because this increases your living space and usability.

Summerhouse for Children

1. Great for Children

You can create a summerhouse your children can use in complete safety in almost any weather conditions. It can keep them active, happy, and healthy for hours, but more importantly, it will give you some peace!

2. Extend Your Living Space

A summerhouse can be close to your home, or at the bottom of the garden with access along a covered walkway. Either way, it can be an extension of your current living space and provide masses of extra room.

3. Create a Garden Office

The summerhouse can be used as a garden office, allowing you considerable time to work from home and avoid long and costly commutes to business. You can use laptop computers and WiFi connections to keep in touch.

Summerhouse for the family4. Enjoy the Garden in all Weather!

A well-designed summerhouse becomes an extension of your home while allowing you to enjoy the beauty of an outdoor garden without being affected by inclement weather. You can sit undercover and in warmth to enjoy the beauty of your garden with its wildlife creatures and birds.

5. An Outdoor Family Room

Your new summerhouse can be a room for all the family; you can enjoy living in the garden on sunny days, have a nice meal away from the television, and have the simple pleasure of each other's company.

6. A Quiet Study

Teenager's often like to study for exams in their room while surfing the Internet, watching television, and chatting interminably on their phone to friends. Your summerhouse can take away these distractions and give them a Multi-function summerhousegood environment to study and learn.

7. A Secret Retreat

No longer does Granddad have to sneak-off to the potting shed to sip on his hidden bottle of booze, he can sit in style and enjoy life's labours at pleasure. It is also a great place for you to hide from the family when you simply need space!

8. An Outdoor Games-Room

When you have just cleaned your house and visitors are expected for dinner, the last thing you need are toys and games littered around the place. Your garden summerhouse can provide an excellent place for all games and toys for children of all ages, and the added benefit is that when dinner is ready they don't have to tidy up but can close the door on their mess and rush in to eat!


Secluded summerhouse9. A Place for Your Favourite Hobby

You can use your summerhouse as the perfect place to carry out your favourite hobby or recreation; whether it is knitting or chess, reading or writing, yoga or exercise, this can be the ideal place.

10. Banish the Troublesome Nuisance

On occasion, certain members of the family can be a tremendous nuisance and because your home is limited for space, there is nowhere to put them and nothing for them to do...so they hang around the house moaning at everything and driving you mad!

With a well-designed summerhouse in the garden, you can banish the offender from the house and take a well-earned rest from their presence. It doesn't matter if they are young children or elderly relatives, they can become just too much at times, and this provides a welcome haven.

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When Planning Applications are Required

In some instances, you will most definitely have to apply for planning permission to build a summerhouse within the boundaries of your property. You have to apply for planning permission if the summerhouse will cover more than half of the land surrounding the “original house”; the original house means as it was originally built, and if the house was built prior to 1st July 1948 the it means Summhousehow the house-size was on this date. You must take into consideration any extensions that have been added since this date, even if they were made before you purchased your house.

You will require planning permission if you want to erect a summerhouse that would be nearer to a highway than the closest part of the original house. The govermnent considers the term ‘highway’ to refer to a bridleway, path, public road or byway.

However, there is an exception to this rule: If there would be a minimum of 20 metres between the summerhouse and the highway.

You will have to apply for planning permission if you wanted to erect a summerhouse that will be more than 4-metres high with an apex roof, or 3-metres high with a flat roof. If your new garden building is going to be used for any commercial purpose, then you will need to apply for planning permission.


If your summerhouse will have a volume over 10 cubic metres and will be located within 5 metres of your home, then it will be treated as a house extension, and you will required planning permission. You should also consider that if you are considering the summerhouse as an extension to your house, then it might affect your overall volume entitlement for your house.

This is the case when an extension brings your newly-extended house to within 5 metres of any existing garden buildings, again effectively making the garden buildings into another extension in addition to your actual summerhouse-extension. You are strongly advised to check with your local planning authority, unless you are absolutely certain that you won’t need planning permission.

The good news is that small summerhouses can beerected with no problems at all – especially if you notify your neighbours beforehand. A bit of good neighbourly conduct will also help to avoid disputes!








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